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Consultations and Pre-Sale Home Inspections


Earl has a vast background in all stages of construction and understands how confusing the process can be to the home owner.

He understands the various aspects of contractor quotes and estimates, and is available to help home owners understand and sort out the process.

Earl can also act as a general contractor on jobs that might involve outside trades. Make sure the permits are current and look after the proper inspections for you.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Earl is also available to do pre-sale home inspections.

He can help you identify and assess potential issues that may effect the sale of your home.

A pre-sale inspection allows you to either fix the issues, or factor them into the price you want to set for your property.

  • Perhaps the furnace is older, disclose that and perhaps make an allowance to the new owner who may want to put in a new type of heating system.
  • Identify those small jobs that make a big difference to the buyer. Fix them before you sell, get a better price for your home
  • Identify and do that renovation that may add big value to your home.
    • Replace the tub and install a new tub surround
    • Change out the kitchen cabinet doors
    • Finish the basement unfinished room

We invite you to contact us for more information on the services we offer, or to set up an appointment to get a quote.

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